Our Team

Eric Munene

Instrumentation and Control, Technical Trainer
  • munene.eric@ewb-kenya.org
  • Samburu, Kenya

Eric holds a Bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Egerton University and a Technical Education Diploma from KTTC. He has participated in various technical and vocational training workshops, including TVET CDAAC on the preparation of various tools, TVETA TOT on safe handling of hydrocarbons supported by GIZ and National Ozone Units. Additionally, he has participated in the validation of occupational standards for use in the delivery of TVET CDAAC curriculum.

Eric has been involved in the development of TVET CDAAC national tools. At Samburu Technical and Vocational College, Eric was involved in the establishment of the college from its inception, where he taught courses for artisans in electrical installation, craft certificates in electrical and electronic engineering, power option, diploma in electrical engineering in both energy and instrumentation options, as well as refrigeration and air conditioning courses.

At Samburu Technical and Vocational College, Eric has developed collaborations between the college and other institutions.

Eric is part of the administration that ensures each instructor enrols in training to meet TVETA standards to be registered as trainers and offer quality courses. He is registered with EBK as a graduate engineer and has experience in automation engineering from Ecosave Africa and EWB Kenya, where he has undertaken various projects. Eric has also worked in aircraft accident investigation and is one of the co-founders of EWB Kenya.

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