EWB was established since 1998

Since 1998 and earlier, there has been a lot of work done by EWB Chapters from all the world in Kenya, namely: EWB USA and associated chapters, EWB UK and associated chapters, EWB Australia and associated chapters, among others, with successful community projects in partnership with the locals.

This inspired a small group of graduate friends, led by Martin Aluga, to do something a bit different with their engineering skills. The group decided that Kenya not only needed the international organization but also a local chapter through which Kenyan engineers, students and engineering companies could be involved in meaningful community development.

In May 2016, the group approached NGOs Coordination Board for registration. Unfortunately, there was an existing duly registered EWB chapter in Kenya, “ENGINEERING WITHOUT BORDERS – ANDALUCIA” from Spain; a chapter of ISF. In late 2016, the group spearheaded by Martin, initiated talks with ISF of Spain to allow them to register EWB KENYA. In Early 2017, “ENGINEERING WITHOUT BORDERS – ANDALUCIA” wrote to the board withdrawing its registration in Kenya as they had completed their intended projects. 

In April 2017, Engineers Without Borders Kenya was duly registered as a national NGO and an application for membership was immediately made to Engineers Without Borders International. Martin was invited to attend the EWB-International Global Forum 2017 sponsored by Arconic Foundation and hosted by Engineers Without Borders UK, ‘The Formation of Engineers: A Global Issue between 24-25 August 2017, in London. The Global Forum was all about the development of engineers and what we, as the Engineers Without Borders movement, were doing about it.

Together, we explored the existing levers and those that could be used to make engineers fully aware of environmental, social, ethical and political issues in their education, and why these issues are important in the workplace and community at large.

Our culture

Here is an outline of our culture


EWB brings together passionate people who are committed to achieving lasting impact through a holistic approach to humanitarian engineering.


We show leadership and take an ambitious and brave approach to creating and sustaining change


We learn together, work together and have fun together – inspiring collective action


We contribute our time and resources with humility and generosity to advance EWB’s vision


We are innovative and bold – we imagine a better future and work together to make it happen.


To involve the concept and implementation of engineering assistance through which most of Kenyan citizens have the opportunity to meet their most basic needs. For that, it partners with EWB chapters locally, from around the world, other organizations or institutions and local population. All members of the organization EWB-Kenya will have the priority in case of recruitment of employees; they will professionally get trained for having the capacity to do so for others; for those members’ fresh graduates, will have the priority and facilities for keeping one’s terms according to their major of study.

Specific Objectives

Identification, implementation and ensuring the follow-up on the maintenance of implemented projects.

Providing technical assistance to Kenyan National & County Governments, non-governmental organizations or institutions; Community based organizations, welfare groups, & rural population in order to achieve millennium development goals.

Build the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in all sectors of activities with professional training so that more Kenyans get capacity by exercising different practices for improving living standards.

Providing assistance to EWB-Chapters from around the world in implementation of their projects in Kenya.

Working jointly with the County Governments to identify the regions of greatest need throughout the country and identify projects that will have the greatest impact to the population in the counties.

Organize fundraising activities in order to implement identified projects.

Implementing and maintenance of identified different projects.

Establishing training centers and providing professional trainings.

Partner with EWB-International and any other EWB from around the world in identification, preliminary design with implementation of the projects and capacity building in Kenya.

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