How quickly will I hear back from Engineers Without Borders-Kenya about the status of my request?

A member of our organization will follow up with you by email to let you know we’ve received your request, usually within two weeks. The next step of the process is to assign a vetter to your project, which typically happens within the first two weeks of each month. The assigned vetter will then reach out to you to learn more about your project. Once we’ve successfully reviewed your project and completed the vetting process, our volunteers will decide whether or not to take on your project. This entire process usually takes one to two months to complete. If you have a question about the status of your request, please contact us at

What does it mean to have our project vetted?

We want to make sure our organization is a good fit with your project vision, so we assign a volunteer to do more research on your organization and project before making any decisions. Usually this means we will send you follow up questions by email and try to schedule a phone call or Skype call with you so that we can learn more about your organization and project. You can help keep this process moving by quickly responding back to our follow up questions!

Can we get a grant from Engineers Without Borders-Kenya for our project?

No, we do not provide direct grants or donations to projects. However, we do fundraise to send our volunteer project leads to visit your project site at least once during the design process.

Will Engineers Without Borders-Kenya help with project construction?

We usually help with project construction, although there are some exceptions. If it is a local, Kenyan project. We cannot help with construction on international projects.