Country: Kenya
Community: Lebolos Secondary School, Lebolos, Baringo County
Project: Sanitation and Hygiene
Travel Date: 29-30/7/2018

Project Background

The sanitation facilities at Lebolos Secondary School are insufficient. The existing boys and girls latrines are very close to each other compromising privacy majorly for the girls. The teachers also do not have sufficient toilets. LSS approached EWB Kenya for assistance for the construction of the girls’ ablution block.

The Lebolos Secondary is located in Lebolos, Koibatek Sub-County, Baringo County in the Rift Valley Region of Kenya.
Latitude: 0° 1’27.28″S
Longitude: 35°47’9.35″E
Elevation: 2015masl

The proposed site can be accessed from Nairobi – Nakuru Road (A104) and branch off to the right at Nakuru to Ravine Road (B4). Before reaching Eldama Ravine, you branch off at Kabimoi and travel a murram road 10km to the school as shown in Figure 1. The area is hilly, and with rock outcrops.

Figure 1: Accessibility of Lebolos Secondary School

The school is owned by the AIC church and was developed from the Lebolos Primary School (Figure 2). It has four classrooms, staffroom, kitchen, laboratory and unfinished library.

Figure 2: The Lebolos Secondary School

Project Description and Existing Infrastructure

The goal of the project is to provide latrines for the girls away from the boys’ latrines. The project will also rehabilitate the existing boys’ latrines and provide hygiene facilities which are missing.

DescriptionPhotographic Illustration
The Lebolos Secondary School
The access road to the school
The EWB Kenya team with the head teacher
The school farm
The classrooms
Piped water at the school
The solid waste management at the school
The existing girls latrines
The existing boys’ latrines very close to the girls
Assessment of the nearby water sources
The power supply at the school
The staff latrines
The handwashing facility for teachers
The school laboratory
The only storage tank at the school
Proposed location for the girls ablution block
The team discussing on the proposed site
The discussion of the project with the school BOM
The chairman giving a motivational talk to the students
The parting shot